Jun 2014

ASAP, the new way of working

Welcome to ASAP, the Agile Scrum Advanced Planning. With ASAP the professional can manage all of his or hers work. ASAP is ready for the new way of working. At login you can register your whereabouts.

ASAP comes with:
- The complete scrum process, with meetings which calculate the time difference in timezones for each member.
- Automatic whereabout registration, from login every member can register hers or his whereabouts.
- Automatic time registration, start from login, adds from tasks and meetings and ends with logout.
- Automatic reports with subtotal on decimal fields, portrait or landscape in html format,
- Automatic preliminary results, define the hour costs and budgeted income.
- multi-language, en_US standard, nl, de, fr, it, es and pt.

In the near future ASAP will include ZWAG:
- ZWAG (Zend2 Web Application Generator) which generates a complete Zend module framework from Zwagings.

We believe in crowd testing. Test ASAP:
www.dis2000.nl/asap, login with username johndoe or janedoe, add the language to the username, complete the login with @dis2000.nl. The username is the password.

If you are interested in this new way of working please contact us by the
contact form.